Russian Launch Vehicles JAPANESE


Molniya launch vehicle launched lunar explorer.

(China, 1959, SC#425)

Vostok launch vehicle

(USSR, 1965, SC#3580)
Cosmos Launch Vehicle

DDR, 1978, SC#1899)
Soyuz Launch Vehicle


(USSR, 1981, SC#4921)
Inland Transportaion of Soyuz Launch Vehicle



(USSR, 1978, SC#4670)
Proton Launch Vehicle

(Russia, 2004)
Dnepr Launch Vehicle

 Ballistic missile derived small rocket

(Ukraina, 2005)
Tsyklon Launch Vehicle

 Ballistic missile derived medium rocket

(Ukraina, 2005)
Znit-2 Launch Vehicle

 Ballistic missile derived medium rocket

(Ukraina, 2005)
Other Launch Vehicles
Energiya Launch Vehicle


Nevis, 1993, SC#775)

 Russian Space Shuttle (Test Flight)

(USSR, 1988, SC#5743)
Zenit 3SL Launch Vehicle

 Sea Launch Company launches Commercial Satellites near equatorial sea.
(Russia, 2000, SC#6585)

 Plesetsk Spacedrome is lovated in northern Russia. This sy\tamp was issued to commemorate 50 Anniversaries.
(Russia, 2007, Ensmalled to 50%)
Downrange ship

 Russia uses downrange ships for tracking satellites.
(USSR, 1978, SC#4672)
Docking .of spacecrafts

 Docking of spacecrafts is a part of space transportation system.
(USSR, 1978, SC#4692)
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