US Manned Spaceship JAPANESE

 1. Mercury Program
Mercury Program

(USA, 1962, SC#1193)
Launch of Mercury manned Spaceship

Ignition of Atlas D launch Vehicle

(Ascension, 1987, SC#420)
Launch of Mercury manned Spaceship

Lift-off of Atlas D launch Vehicle

(Ascension, 1987, SC#421)
Reentry of Mercury manned Spaceship

Reentry of manned cupsle

(Ascension, 1987, SC#422)
Recovery of Mercury manned Spaceship

Splash downn on the ocean

(Ascension, 1987, SC#423)

2. Gemini Program
Gemini 4

In 1965, USA Astronaut White walked in Space.
(USA, 1967, SC#1331-32)

Gemini 6-A and Gemini 7


3. Apollo Program
 Please See Apollo Corner
Astronauts standing on the Moon

In 1969, USA succeeded to send astronauts on the Moon.
(USA, 1981, SC#1912)

4. Skylab Program
Skylab Program
(USA, 1974, SC#1529)

5. Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Please See Apollo-Soyuz Stamps Corner
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

Apollo 18 and Soyuz 19

(USA, 1975, SC#1569-70)

6, Space Shuttle
Please See Space Shuttle Corner
Return to Space

Gemini Astronaut J.H.Glenn crewed Space Shuttle at age 77 in 1998. He is now Senator.
(USA, 2000, SC#3191h)

7. International Space Station (ISS)
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