Japanese Space Science JAPANESE

  1. Solar System Exploration
 (1)Halley's Comet Exploration

Halley's Comet Explorer Suisei (PLANET-A)

(Left : Madagascar,1987.SC#796/ Right : Japan, 2012, b)

(2)Asteroid Exploration

Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa"(MUSES-C)

Hayabusa accessed to asteroid "Itokawa" and got sample of surface. Now It is flying to return to the Earth.

(Left : Japan, 2008, e / Right : Japan, 2012, d)

Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa 2

 Now, Hayabusa 2 is being developed by JAXA/JSPEC (JAXA SPace Exploration Center) as a successor of MUSES-C.

(Japan, 2012, j)

(3)Lunar Exploration

Lunar Orbiter SELENE (Kaguya)

Launhed in September, 2007


Image provided by Ms. Michiko Kobayashi

(4)Venus Exploration

Venus Climate Orbiter Akatsuki (PLANET-C)


(Japan, 2012, g)

(5)Mercury Exploration

Mercury Exploration Mission BepiColombo MMO (Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter)

 Now, MMO is being developed by JAXA/ISAS with European Space Agency.

(Japan, 2012, i)

2. Solar Physics Satellite

Solar Physics Satellite Hinode (SOLAR-B)


(Japan, 2012, f)

3. Astronomy Satellites

X-Ray Astronomy Satellite Suzaku(Astro-E2)

(Japan, 2008)

Infrared Imaging Satellite Akari (ASTRO-F)


(Japan, 2012, e)

X-Ray Astronomy Satellite ASTRO-H

ASTRO-H is a successor of ASTRO-E2. Now, it is being developed by ISAS.
  (Japan, 2012, h)

 Other ISAS satellites include X-Ray Astoronomy Obsrevatory(ASCA)、Mars Exproler(NOZOMI)、Magnetosphere Observation Satellite(JIKIKEN), and so on. In 2007, Lunar Exproler SELENE was launched.
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