Japanese Human Space Activities JAPANESE


International Joint flight between Russia and Japan (TBS)

 In 1990, T.Akiyama(member of Tokyo Broadcasting) aboade on Soyuz TM-11, and stayed on Russian Mir Space Station.
(USSR, 1990, SC#5952)

International Microgravity Laboratory(IML)

Space experiments using Space Shuttle was frequentry executed by international cooperation. Japanese astronauts M.Mohri and C.Mukai perticipated to those experiments.
(Suriname, 1982, SC#589)


Participation to International Space Station Program

nternational Space Station (ISS) is now being operated and developped by USA, Russia, Europe, apan, and Canada. Japan develops Japanese Experimental Module (JEM = KIBO) and Centrifuge Module.
(Japan, 1992, Partialy zoomed SC#2135)

International Space Station (ISS) Please See International Space Station Corner

MOHRI Mamoru who crewd on Fuwatto'92.

(Ghana, 1994, SC#1701g)

Mukai Chiaki who crewd on IML-2.

(Ghana, 1994, SC#1701i)

Activity of Japanese Astronaut

Left : Space Shuttle
Right : Extravehicular Activity by Takao Doi
(Japan, 2000)

 Other Japanese Astronauts :WAKATA Koichi Retrieved SFUby Robot Arm.
 NOGUCHI Soichi and HOSHIDE Akihiko aboaded on International Space Station in 2008, and executed KIBO construction.


International Space Station (Front View)

 Japanese Experimantal Module "KIBO" (Lower Right), European Module "Colombus" (Lower Lef), and Centrifuge (Upper Middle, canceled)
  (Japan, 2005)

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