Japanese Launch Vehicles JAPANESE


N-1 Launch Vehicle Flight No.5

It was launched from Tanegashima Space Center.
It launched ECS =AYAME Experimental Communications Satellite.

Trajectory of Geosynchronous Satellite


 N-2 Launch Vehicles also launched.

H-1 Launch Vehicle



H-2 Launch Vehicle
H-2 Launch Vehicle failed twice.
 Margin of the Sheet : explains characteristics of H-2 launch vehicle.
(Japan, 2003)


M-5 launch vehicle

M-5 launch vehicle was operated by Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciense (ISAS).
 (Japan, 2012)


H-2A launch vehicle

H-2A launch vehicle is Japanese main rocket.
 (Japan, 2005)


H-2 Orbiting Plane (HOPE)

NAL and NASDA developed HSFD. It succeeded landing test on Christmas Island of Kiribati Republic.
(Japan,1992,Partialy zoomed SC#2134)



Image provided by Ms.Michiko Kobayashi

Down Range Station

Christmas Down Range Station(JAXA)

 In Christmas Island of Kiribati, there is JAXA's Down Range Station for launch of geosynchronous satellites.

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