Japanese Aerospace Engineering JAPANESE


Japanese First Satellite "Osumi"

In 1970, University of Tokyo succeeded in launching Japanese first satellite.

(Japan, left:2004 / right:2012)


NASDA's First satellite "Kiku 1"

"Kiku 1 was launched in 1975.(upright)

(Micronesia, 1989, SC#81c)

Scientific Enginering Satellites of ISAS Sakigake(MS-T5)


Stratospheric Platform Airship

The Stratospheric Platform Airship is utilized for communications and environmental monitoring.


Tsukuba Space Center

Tsukuba Space Center is one of major space related engineering research center. It is locate on Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture. A real body of H-2 launch vehicle is displayed in this center.


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