Space Development of Indonesia JAPANESE


Indonesia has launched 22 satellites till 2019. (See Table)

1. Telecommunications satellites

(1)International Communications Year

Palapa Satellite

Palapa A1 : 1976-066A 
Palapa A2 : 1977-018A

(Indonesia, 1983, SC#1192)

(2)Palapa Satellite

Launch of Palapa B Satellite

Palapa B1 : 1983-059C

(Indonesia, 1983, SC#1199)

(3)Bancoover Exposition

Palapa Satellite

Palapa B1 1983-059C

(Indonesia, 1983, SC#1295)

(4)Palapa Satellite

Launch of Palapa B-2P Satellite

PalapaB-2P : 1987-029A

(Indonesia, 1987, SC#1313)

Palapa Satellite

The Satellite Bus of Palapa was made by Hughes (Present Boeing). Launch Vehicle was Delta.

(Indonesia, 1987, SC#1314)

(5)16th anniversary of satellite telecommunication

Palapa B-4 Satellite

Palapa B-4 : 1992-027A

(Indonesia, 1992, SC#1519-20)

2. Sounding Rocket

Sounding Rocket "Kartika-1" of Indonesia

(Indonesia, 1972, SC#821)

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