Space Activities of India JAPANESE

India has launched 131 satellites till 2022. (See Satellite List)

1. Launch Vehicle

Indian Launch Vehicle ASLV

Launched Rohini 1 (1980-062A)

(India, 1981, SC#927)
2. Manned Space Activity
Joint Space Flight with Russia

3.Domestic Communications Satellites
Indian Domestic Communications Satellite INSAT 3B (2000-016B)

(India, 2000, SC#1848)
4. Earth Observation Satellite
Indian Communication and Meteorological Satellite INSAT 1A (1982-031A)

(India, 1983, SC#1020)
Indian Ocean Observation Satellite OCEANSAT-1 (1999-029A)

(India, 2000, SC#1847)
5. Engeneering Satellites
First Indian Satellite ARYABHATA (1975-033A)

In 1975, this small satellite was launched by Russian COSMOS Launch Vehicle.

(India, 1975, SC#655)

Inian ARYABHATA was launched by USSR(Former Russia) Kosmos launch vehicle, and USSR also issued a commemorative stamp.

(USSR, 1976, SC#4490)
Indian Experimental Satellite APPLE (1981-057B)

(India, 1982, SC#963)
6.Future Space Activity
Indian dream for Space

(India, 2000, SC#1849)
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