Chinese Space Science JAPANESE直線上に配置
(1) Double Star

China-Europe Joint Program. Tansuo-1(2003-061A)(Right)
and Tansuo-2(2004-029A)(Left)

Double Star collects Earth Magnetosphere data. Tansuo-1 orbits Equatorial highly elipse orbit, launched from Xichang. Tansuo-2 orbits Polar circular orbit, launched from Taiyuan.

(China, 2006)

(2) Lunar Orbiter

Lunar orbiter "Chang'E"
China launched first Lunar orbiter "Chang'E" on Oct. 2007.

(China, 2007)

Souvenir Sheet of "Chang'E"

upper left:Building of labolatory
upper right:CZ-3A Launch Vehicle
lower left:Orbiting "Chang'E"
lower right:Data receiving ground station

Center:Mission Profile to tthe moon

(China, 2007)

Lunar Lander Cheng'e 3(2013-070A) and Lunar Rover Yutu

Yutu ran around Moon surface for two lunar days
(China, 2014)

Mars Explorer Tianwen 1(2020-049A)

Tianwen 1 succeeded to orbit Mars on Feb. 10, 2021.
(China, 2020)

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