US Communications and Navigation Satellites JAPANESE

1.Communications satellites
Passive Communication Relay Satellite ECHO 1

Diameter 30 meters.

(USA, 1960, SC#1173)
Active Communication Relay Satellite Relay 1

Transponders were aboarded on this satellite.

See Relay Stamps Corner

(Guinia, 1972, SC#C120)

See Telstar Stamps Corner

(France, 1962, SC#1048)
First Geostationary Communications Satellite Syncom 3

See Syncom Stamps Corner

Later INTELSAT started tts oeration.INTELSAT Corner

(Romania, 1965, SC#1712)

Geostationary Communications Satellite SBS-4

 SBS-4 was released from Space Shuttle in 1984

  (Angola, 1999, SC#1115a)
2.Navigation Satellite

Navigation Satellites aboard extremely precise clocks. They send position data of themselves and precise time.
Ground users receive signals more than 4 Navstars and calculate their own global positions.

(Angola, 1999, SC#1110e)

Ciskei, 1992, SC#192)
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