Chinese Human Space Flight JAPANESE

Chinese Manned Spaceship ShenZhou

ShenZhou means "Magic Vessel".
ShenZhou 1 to 4 were unmanned mission.

Left : Test vehicle (unmanned) ShenZhou
Right : CZ(Long March)-2F Launch Vehicle
(China, 2000)

First Chinese Manned Space Flight
On Oct. 15 2003, China succeeded to launch
ShenZhou 5 aboaded Yang Liwei.

Left : Yang in spacesuit and Shen Zhou
Right : Yang and Chinese national Flag
margin of the sheet : CZ-2F Launch Vehicle and Great Wall
(china, 2003, ensmalled to 50%)

First Chinese Manned Space Flight

China became the third country in the field of manned space flight.

Left : Yang in spacesuit and ShenZhou
Right : CZ 2F Launch Vehicle
margin of the sheet : Manned Space Vehicle
(Chinese Hongkong, 2003, ensmalled to 50%)

First Chinese Manned Space Flight

Left : Yang in spacesuit
Right : Manned Space Vehicle ShenZhou
margin of the sheet : Yang
(Chinese Macao, 2003, ensmalled to 50%)

In Oct.2005, China launched ShenZhou 6 with two taikonauts and made 5 day flight.

ShenZhou 6(2005-040A)

Two Taikonauts made 5 day flight.
(China, 2006)

In Sep. 2008, China launched ShenZhou 7 with three taikonauts and made 3 day flight and Extravehicular Activities (EVA).

ShenZhou 7(2008-047A) was launched by CZ-2F launch vehicle.

EVA of ShenZhou 7. Taikonaut went out from the spacecraft.

EVA of ShenZhou 7, but release of a small satellite was executed afte EVA. Space suit was made by China named Feitian.

Recovery of ShenZhou 7

Emblem of ShenzZhou 7 and 3 Taikonauts.
They were born in 1966.

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