Chinese Earth Observation Satellite JAPANESE

1. Recoverable Satellites

Recoverable Camera Satellite(FSW) #1 : 1975-111A

In Chinese, Recover = Fan hui, able= Shi, and Satellite = We ixing,
so this spacecraft is called FSW.

It lands on Southen China by a colorful parachut.
(China, 1986, SC#2021)

2. Weather Satellites

Polar orbital Meteolological Satellite Feng Yun 1     #1A : 1988-080A

In Chinese, Feng = wind, Yun =Wind and Cloud.

(China, 2000, SC#3032)

3. Recent Earth Observation Satellites

 Earth Resource Satellites with Brazil : CBERS-1 (1999-057A)
 Earth Resource Satellites ZY (ZiYuan) ZY-2 (2000-050A)
 Ocean Observation Satellites HY (HaiYang) HY-1 (2002-024A)
 Reconnaissance Satellites YG (Yaogan) YG-1 (2006-015A)
 Environment satellites HJ (HuanJing) HJ-1A (2008-041A)

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