Dream for the Space

Chang'e flying to the Moon

About two thousands years ago, Chinese already dreamed to fly to the Moon. Chang'e is a legend lady who climbed to the Moon.

(China, 1999, SC#2947)

Kaguya-hime Return to the Moon


Cowman and Weaving Lady

(Republic of China,1981,SC#2254)

Novel "From Earth to Moon" by Jules Verne


Children on the spacecraft


Children and telescope


A girl with a book, from
"Study science from childrenhood"

(Souvenir Sheet)

(China, 1979, SC#1518, ensmalled 50%)

Folksong "Let's go to get Moon"


Image of Space Station and Space Shuttle about 40 years ago


Image of Space Station and Space Shuttle about 30 years ago


Dream for the Space

(Japan,1979,SC#1374a,ensmalled 50%)

Disney's Animation "Space Fantasy"

Left:Hippopotamus spaceship and Huey, Dewey, Louey
Right:Snake Spaceship and Mickey Mouse

(Sierra Leone, 1983, LeftSC#601,RightSC#602)

Disney's Animation "Space Fantasy"

Left:Space Snakeflight of elephant and Donaldo Duck
Right:Zebra spaceship and Goofy

(Sierra Leone, 1983, LeftSC#603, RightSC#604)

Disney's Animation "Space Fantasy"

Left:Boar spaceship and Goofy
Right:Lion in spaceship

(Sierra Leone, 1983, LeftSC#605, RightSC#606)

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